I’m Marci O’Connor, non-housewife.

Most of my life took place before I turned 40. But I promise to only bore you with the stuff that’s happened since…

I have babbled and shined and wrestled tons in the last year. (shamelessly shameful writing plugs)

Now, I spend some of my time as Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s Social Media Caddy (this lady needs no ninjas or gurus, believe me!).

And some of my time writing. When I write here I am all about the terrible grammar and mixed metaphors. But when I do it for others, I clean up real good. Interested?

I am a messy rotten cook that makes a wicked cappuccino and the only thing about me that’s clean is this blog. I only wish I could swear like I meant it.

Prepare to be exasperated!!